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The Association Centre of Promotion and Civil Initiative Development PISOP was established at the beginning of 2000 as the Regional Centre for Voluntary Sector Support in response to the need to make voluntary organisations activities more professional. During this period our activities have evaluated and now the core of our activities is social entrepreneurship, social innovation, corporate social responsibility and building cross-sectoral partnerships.

Social Entrepreneurship
Since 2000, we have been supporting social economy entities in their activities, managing and acquiring funds. We have completed over 85 projects for more than 10,000 beneficiaries.
Since 2008, we have been working for the development of Social Economy in the region. In two cities in Wielkoplska region (Leszno and Poznań) we lead The Centre of Social Economy Support (social entrepreneurship incubator), where we provide substantial support in the area of management of an institution, human resources, finances, internal and external communication. Proposed forms of support include training courses, consultancy, accounting, law and marketing services. We provide financial assistance – grants for Social Economy starts-up. Each year are organizing Social Entrepreneurship Fairs.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We are the leader in a discussion about corporate social responsibility in our region. Since 2010, we have been publishing  As Biznesu Magazine, where we write about corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, cross-sectoral initiatives, partnerships, new trends in CSR and interviews with practitioners. We  organized many networking meetings for business and NGOs in different cities, we prepared more than 100 broadcasts in the radio about CSR. Currently we are working on volunteering as a part of CSR and support in local and social challenges.

We support various social innovations. In the years 2011-2014, we have developed an innovative model for the professional management in social enterprises – BINGO (Business – Innovation – NGO). In the years 2013-2015 we have developed together with the city of Konin an innovative model of contracting social services in the area of entrepreneurship. Thanks to this project Konin decided to transfer some of the responsibilities which previously belonged to the Municipality to the NGOs (e.g. networking meetings for local entrepreneurs, promotion of the economic potential of the city). We  also carried out a social franchise model with the use of Polish and foreign business experience. In 2019 we invented the 10 rules of accessibility the NGO Facebook fanpage to sight and hearing dysfunctions, public servises effects catalogue which is used in call for proposals by local authorities and many others.

In 2003 PISOP Centre  became a member of the national NGO Support Network SPLOT (which main aim is to provide support to non-governmental organizations). We participate in elaboration standards of functioning the Network. We are also responsible for the incorporation of new members to the Network.